Better way to manage swift extensions in your project

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let redImage =


1. No one could easily guess whether this function is from original UIColor class or from my custom made extension(unless one go and read into the definition.)
2. The extension are subject to reuse in different projects, so most likely we want them to carry forward into next project. It would be hard to guess the namespace from which it belong.


One simple and old school way is to use prefix with _ (underscore) before all function names in our extensions.
eg. my_ or abc_

let redImage =

Swift protocol has got solution for us.

What if we use my.toImage() instead of my_toImage().

let redImage =
// extension UIColor: MyHelperCompatible {}

Final Conclusion:

I understand this seems little tricky and require extra effort to setup one time but believe me it helps to a lot when your project grows.

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